Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 7-10-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 7/10/19

Guest: Phil Murphy – ESPN

Show Topics:

  • Don’t miss Covino and Rich on the History channel, in an episode of Battle of the 80’s Supercars!
  • The Espy Awards are tonight and the guys are stressed on what to wear. With the opportunity to walk the red carpet into the event they have to be looking their best! They know they can’t compete with the fresh looks of elite athletes, but no one wants to feel under-dressed. Except maybe Covino, who was sweltering in his fancy suit during last year’s Espy Awards. He’s considering the tuxedo shirt, but draws the line at Seinfeld sneakers. Also, Rich claims he’s not drinking tonight.
  • The constant complaints in the media have inspired Covino and Rich to start a new segment, “Complaino and Bitch: People Be Bitchin’.” The guys discuss Netflix’s decision to curb on screen smoking because of complaints towards Stranger Things. The series is based in 1985, and smoking was allowed on airplanes until 1988. Shouldn’t people just chill? Complaino and Bitch also cover the controversies of Ariana Grande looking “too black”, Alfred’s refusing to serve Clippers players because they are Lakers fans,  black Princess Ariel in the new live action version of The Little Mermaid and upset Americans on the cost of Trump’s July 4th celebration.
  • Sports Anchor, Phil Murphy of ESPN Australia stopped by to visit with the guys before they all attend the Espy’s tonight. Of course they talk sports, but they also discuss why Tracy Morgan would accept to host the awards ceremony, why entertainers accept to host in general, and how nerve racking it must be to host. The guys also acknowledge that athletes are bigger than ever now, pure beasts, but they’re also big softy’s. Since when are two rival athletes friends? Where’s the competition and the will to win?
  • Covino and Rich help a friend in need who has the stupidest question they’ve been asked in 15 years. The issue? Should this fan accept a bag of unsealed, frozen chicken from his neighbor that he’s never met? Apparently his wife has already accepted the bag of chicken, but he’s concerned about using it. What’s he to do? Throw it out? Take the risk and use it? The guys say throw it out, no questions asked, and that he honestly shouldn’t have let the situation get this out of hand.