Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-11-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 7/11/18

 Show Topics

  • Covino and Rich take the audience ~behind the velvet rope~ of radio during the first hour as they address some small complaints. People may not find everything discussed on the show is interesting but that’s because, unlike most radio shows, C&R don’t make anything up. All those radio shows with nonstop stories? They’re made up! All those prank calls? Fake! C&R also discuss using boring topics like “what happened on the Bachelor” to segue into more interesting conversations. Moving on, Rich wants to know if everybody has something they’ve never told anybody. Rich thinks yes. Covino things no, nobody knows everything about him, but there’s nothing that he hasn’t told anybody. Most of the hour is taken up by listeners calling in to dish their deep dark secrets that they’ve never revealed until now.
  • The second hour starts off where the first left off and C&R take a few last calls for listeners wanting to get the weight of a big secret off of their chest. Covino shares some secrets of his own that weren’t really secrets because his close friends already knew them. In ran-dumb news, Spot is sick of all of those electric scooters popping up everywhere. Why does everybody hate moving their body so much? Just walk or ride a bike and stop clogging up the sidewalks and streets. Spot also left his phone at the office last night and had to spend some time with his own thoughts. Covino tells us that “the Old Fashioned” is when you forget to bring your fun when you go to the bathroom, who knew? Tonight is also Yordan and Covino’s 1 year anniversary so shout out to her, that’s definitely a good reason for Covino to take a break from the phone for the day. Speaking of which, Covino can’t think of his phone ever showing up in one of his dreams.
  • Speaking of dreams, listeners call in to talk about their own dreams. One listener has a recurring nightmare that includes his phone. People talk déjà vu, lucid dreaming, and dreaming about celebrities. Our friend Al B calls in to say that he had a dream about Covino and Rich just last night! Covino tells us that he’s never had a “nocturnal emission” aka a wet dream.
  • Rich starts the third hour of the show off with some dad talk. Emmy took her first steps lest night and now she can’t stop walking around. Melody is starting to grow up too. She’s still a kid, but she’s getting to that age where she’s beginning to develop her own real personality and a little bit of sass with it. He’s afraid for all of the crushes and teenage girl stuff to make an appearance. Rich gives us a news update about a teenage girl in Iran who was arrested for posting Instagram videos of herself dancing, which is illegal for Iranian women to do in public. Similar arrests have occurred throughout Iran and it’s caused international tensions.
  • For the last half of the show the guys discuss the new Sacha Baron Cohen show again, and what little we know about it. All we know is that Sarah Palin is already speaking out against it, calling his comedy “evil” after he duped her into an interview by impersonating a war vet. Was that insensitive? Does it matter? The real question is what did Sarah Palin do if she’s already trying to do damage control and flip the situation before the show even airs?