Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 4-3-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 4/3/18

Show Topics

  • We’re back from the extended weekend, and Rich has a bunch of stories to tell us from his time down in Cabo. If you start your vacation with hotel sex, doesn’t it set the tone for the rest of the time there? Throughout their time down in Cabo, Rich and Sara went to the beach, got massages, went to the bar, and just had an overall great time. Is there pressure on a vacation to have a good time though? Or should it come naturally? There was a booty shaking competition at a local bar down there, and Rich and Sara were surprised to see that the crowd was a mix of old people and college kids. Also, all the men were taking videos of the girls, which is just creepy to the max. The number one thing that Rich learned while he was down there though, is that the one-piece bathing suit is making a comeback in a very sexy way.


  • Is there a perfect age for a woman’s ass? You may think it’s some college girl, but their asses haven’t even fully developed at that point. The perfect age for a woman’s ass has to be somewhere in the range of 24-32 years old. That’s why all the models you see in magazines are in their mid to late 20s.
  • Rich’s deep thought of the day is whether someone coming out of a coma would have a hard time understanding the music trends happening in the world at that time. Think about it, political changes will always be happening, and TV shows are so short-lived that it would be no surprise to see new ones on TV, but the way Pop music changes over just a few years’ time would perplex even the smartest people coming out of a coma.


  • Roseanne is the most popular show on TV right now, and Rich has a theory as to why that is. The show is one of the only ones to talk about controversial topics in seemingly “real” ways. When you have a lead character who plays a Trump supporter, but her sister on the show is a big Hillary supporter, it portrays what real life households were like during the 2016 election. The success of the show has always been based on its ability to talk about controversial issues, and with the reboot now it seems nothing has changed.
  • In the world of random news: There is a male model (or so he calls himself) that is gaining a big following, only thing is, he’s a heavy guy. Are we going to be totally accepting of anyone saying their a model? There’s a new scam for uber riders, where they cancel rides at the last minute. One girl got caught in the middle of it and the Youtube video is hilarious.