Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 3-15-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 3/15/18

Show Topics

  • Toys R Us is closing! How’s that for a starter on a Throwback Thursday? The mega-toy franchise will be shutting all its doors and going out of business, which gets us reminiscing about other stores that have gone out of business! Remember Blockbuster video? That was always the place to go and pick up your date night movie! It would always be a total throwback to walk around a blockbuster video looking at all the old school videos! Do you think we should heed Stephen Hawking’s advice? He is telling us to be scared of AI and aliens coming in the future, because they will take over us all!
  • Katy Perry is in the news because she is getting a lot of backlash for kissing the 19 year old contestant after he told the judges he had never been kissed. People are claiming that it was sexual harassment and that Perry was out of line to kiss the man. The  contestant has come forward and said that he did not mind the kiss at all though, and that he just wished it had been with someone he loved. What if it had been Luke Bryan or Lionel Ritchie that did it though?

  • There’s a new study that has been put out by Cornell that says that everyone is just a little bit gay. It doesn’t have to be a sexual attraction, but there is a form of arousal that comes up when we see an in-shape person or a good-looking man. You admire the person for their style or their physique, but aren’t necessarily sexually attracted to them.


  • The first ever game of Bozo trivia is here, and the number one thing we are learning is that there are a LOT of Bozos that listen to our show. Even simple questions like “What was Michael Jordan’s jersey number?” are met with total BOZO Answers! Just goes to show you that not everyone out there knows common sense trivia questions like us!