Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 2-12-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 2/12/18

Show Topics

  • How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it with a nice dinner, a nice glass of wine, or do you opt to celebrate on another day to avoid the crowds? Getting a reservation this late for a nice restaurant somewhere in LA may be impossible, but is it at least worth a try? Some people demand having dinner on the actual day, which can also add in a pricey bill to the night. What about people who get engaged on holidays? Do you think that day is now an added burden on the person’s shoulders?
  • Friends of the show Gabe and Donna stopped by this week to visit, and Gabe had a whole plan for them to renew their vows at the beach, but unfortunately Donna got sick and had to go to Urgent Care. It would’ve sucked if he had made all these plans and gotten nothing out of it, but they ended up having a nice ceremony on top of Rich’s building and Spot officiated.
  • A broadcaster in Boston is in hot water because he made a joke about Tom Brady’s Asian Agent, and has now been suspended for 5 days. We make jokes all day about Asians and others with joking voices, so why is it OK for us? It’s because we are on an uncensored platform and the show is known for things like that. A sportscaster in Boston on terrestrial radio can’t do the same things.
  • The Olympics have begun and while not every sport seems to be that interesting, the one that has Rich captivated is Ice Skating, and in particular American Figure Skater Adam Rippon. He is probably the most flamboyant gay guy on the ice, and there seems to be no shame at all. His outfits are covered in glitter and his routine has a sort of style that makes him stand out among the rest. Only issue, he ended up coming in third behind a Canadian who feel twice.
  • Is there a very rare probability that you are born on the same day as someone else? Yes, but do you know what is even rarer? Covino’s Ex who was born on Rich’s Grandfather’s birthday, and Jordyn was born on his death day. The odds there are like 1 in a million, which is insane. That’s like having someone in your life born on the same day as you. It’s all just a COINCIDANCE!