Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 2-6-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 2/6/18

Show Topics

  • Last night an issue came up while Covino and Jordyn were looking for parking. The two were talking and another driver came up behind Jordyn’s car and started beeping. They moved, but as Covino pulled away he heard a muffled yell of “c**t” at Jordyn. He was infuriated and thought of getting out to confront the dude as he pulled into the apartment building’s parking garage. Jordyn then told him that she had flipped off the guy as he drove away, so now Cove thinks he may have been justified. They went for FroYo and on the way back saw the same guy sitting on the stoop. Should Covino confront him about the situation? Or should he find a passive aggressive way of getting back at the guy? Like maybe put dog crap under the guys door handle? Maybe the guy was just having a really terrible day and needed to blow off some steam.


  • Have you ever pulled an Oopsie-doo situation where you accidentally purchased something you didn’t want your significant other to see? One guy had  a time where he was on a break with his wife, and had gone to a hooker. The woman charged him $800 and he decided to Venmo her. Only issue is that he and his wife share a Venmo account, so she was able to see the charges and questioned them when they got back together.
  • Rich has another Storytime tale involving a lost dog. He was out and came across a lost dog, so he looked at the address on the tag and took it back home. The place looked like a drug den and Rich now feels like he may have just given the dog back to its owners and signed its death note. How would you have dealt with the situation though? The dog has to be returned to its owner right? Rich is also thinking about trying Cryotherapy but is unsure of whether or not it is worth it. He has heard stories from friends of its success. He has been having shoulder pain recently, so maybe freezing the pain will get rid of it.


  • Matt, a friend of the show, was at a restaurant recently with some buds and they were told there was a 45 minute wait for a table. He then tried to move their names up the list by slipping the hostess a $20, but it seemingly had no effect whatsoever. That could be due to the fact that the girl wanted to do her job, or it could be because it was only $20 and really wasn’t that enticing. He went back up to her later and after they waited 30 minutes asked for his money back. Wrong of him? Totally OK? Or should he not try to look like a “baller” unless he’s going to actually play with “baller” money.