Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 2-1-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 2/1/18

Show Topics

  • Another throwback Thursday comes, and today’s topic of discussion is the 80s. From watching The Goldberg’s the past few weeks, the guys have been in a total nostalgia mood, do you think we lucked out by growing up in the 80s? It definitely seems like one of the best decades to have grown up in, but that could just be a biased opinion. TV was great, music was great, movies were great, HBO was just beginning, and it was before all the smut and drama of today. The 70s weren’t special, and the 90s were a little too grungy, but the 80s were bright, fun, and everyone seemed to have a good time.


  • Rich is starting a new fitness mission after the super bowl, and he’s taking anyone who wants to join along with him. Basically, he wants to shed the winter weight and bulk up a little more before he and Sara go to Cabo in March. The Dad Bod to Rad Bod challenge will officially be starting on Monday the 5th, so get your before and after pictures ready!


  • There’s a new trend that seems to be showing up and it’s definitely not a good one. More and more professional athletes are finding out news about themselves and teammates via social media instead of via the organization itself. This all came up because Blake Griffin actually found out that he had been traded to the Pistons via Twitter, and now other players are saying they’ve gotten news via Facebook and stuff as well. So should teams do a better job of getting news to their players before it breaks to the media? That’s what it sounds like.
  • Where do you stand on men dyeing their hair? Cove was officially asked to help Jordan dye her hair the other night, but a listener brought up on the CARL page whether he should dye his gray hair or just let it grow? The salt n’ pepper beard look always looks good, but why would you just let it go gray without fighting back?
  • Covino and Rich went to film a pilot yesterday in Santa Ana, and both guys might’ve messed up a few times. First Covino decided that it was a good idea to do a “Bushwhacker” when they introduced him, then his phone went off mid-shot. Rich wasn’t much better, at the end of the taping, he sort of took over the show from the host and started steering it himself. Needless to say, all of us are eager to see what this thing turns into.