Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-19-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 1/19/18

Show Topics

  • Remember Pharmacy toys? It was always great going to a CVS and grabbing a cheap cap gun or disc gun for a few dollars back in the day. The disc guns were always the best though, you and your buddies could spend an entire day shooting them at each other and you never got tired of it. The parents were probably there to buy condoms, but the parents distracted you by letting you get a toy that would break a day later. What was the best cap gun you could get though, paper or plastic?
  • The guys are all heading to a wedding today and the big question of the day is whether Covino will dance or not? Spot is always dancing at weddings, so he might outshine him, but that’s just because he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about him. Plus the day is supposed to be about the bride and groom, so why would anyone pay any attention to anyone else? What should they bring as gifts though, and how much are they supposed to spend? Rule of thumb is $100 per plate, and $300 per couple, so the couple will be getting some decent gifts. Plus a lot of the money the couple receives actually go towards the cost of the wedding. We’ll find out Monday whether or not Covino danced, but no need to pressure him into it.
  • Covino hates how self-absorbed people get on Instagram! Every picture posted seems to be “Look at how pretty I am, even without a filter on.” Also the girls who do it for products and gifts are some of the most vapid and vacant people out there. They shamelessly plug their products just so that the company might notice and give them more stuff. The more we condone this type of behavior, the more vapid and vacant the girls are going to get.
  • There was an episode of Modern Family that dealt with having a house guest who ate and drank all your food. Is that something you’ve ever dealt with in real life? Everyone on the show has a story of how a friend came over and ate their food, put their feet up on the couch, or used your personal items. It is uncalled for, and should be totally un-allowed. Yes, there are times when it’s fine for a friend to come hang and have some food and drinks, but to do it without asking first is wrong.
  • Would you rather have a three day weekend every week and work longer hours, or just keep the shorter hours and do five days a week? It seems like most people would take the extra weekend day and just put in the extra time at work the other four days. Adding an extra day to your weekend gives you the chance to take weekend trips, to spend more time with family and friends, and an extra day of rest from the workweek, so why would anyone opt for the other option?