Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-17-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 1/17/18

Show Topics

  • The guys are here today to explain what exactly is love, how you find it, and how you make it work. Date night is a great way to help a marriage or relationship, Rich took Sara on a date night, and Covino took Melody on a roller skating day. Both realized that all anyone really wants is to get home and relax. On Covino’s date night with Hamster J they watched The Bachelor, and he realized that all the women on that show don’t appeal to him at all. Rich wants to know how meeting on a reality TV show is any different from meeting a girl at work or at a bar? Are looks really all that matter? Or is a personality just as important in a relationship? Anyone out there in the dating world knows that options can be a dangerous thing, but even mutants have to find other mutants somewhere, right?


  • Is Donald Trump really only 239 lbs.? It doesn’t seem like that is at all possible, even Spot, who has lost a bunch of weight since his surgery can tell that he has to be way over 240. According to a doctor’s note though, President Trump is 6’3 and under 240, and we guess whatever they say goes nowadays.


  • There are more new versions of songs that are switched from a major key to a minor key or vice versa, and some of them don’t actually sound half bad. The original was Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” but now there are songs by George Michael, The Police, and even Mariah Carey’s famous “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Is this going to be a trend that catches on? Will we see contestants on shows like American Idol and The Voice doing their own versions of songs with the keys switched? That’s what it looks like to us.


  • Is the Mario Brothers theme song the most recognizable song of all time? That’s what we’re thinking! Even just the opening four notes are so recognizable that we bet you could go anywhere in the world and they’d know the song. It may even be more well-known than “Thriller” by Michael Jackson or any Beatles song out there.