Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-15-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 1/15/18

Show Topics

  • Spot is back on the east coast for the first time since before his surgery. He went back to surprise his mother, and the plan could not have gone any better. He stayed with his brother, and called her before he walked in the room, then surprised her by showing up on the phone. It was a very heartfelt moment all around, but the other reason Spot went back east was to finally after months get his haircut, and he’s back to Model Spot status. Everything is trimmed up, he’s fresh-faced, and a new man.


  • Covino went to get a haircut on Friday, but when he got home he thought the barber had screwed up a bit, so he tried to fix it himself. Basically he ended up shaving patches into the back of his head, so he had to fix it with an eye makeup pencil. Then, he went out for drinks with friends and they all went back to their friend Steve Ward’s house to watch the Patriots game. After a while, Cov got up to go to the bathroom and noticed that there was a big black stain on this new white couch. He had to run to the bathroom, wet his sleeve, and then subtly clean the couch without the others noticing. The stain came out, but gave him a panic attack at first, crisis averted.
  • The big play of the weekend was the catch made in the Vikings v. Saints game last night. With 14 seconds left, Stefon Diggs made an amazing catch that ended up winning the game for the Vikings. Everyone, even the players, were shocked that it happened, and in postgame interviews no one knew how to react. What it came down to was that the defensive player tried to get a big hit and make the highlight reel, but instead missed and Diggs got the highlight instead.
  • Rich’s new favorite show is The Goldbergs, but Spot claims that he’s been talking about the show for weeks now. The show is basically a huge throwback to the 80s, and revolves around Adam Goldbergs family and how he grew up. It’s a heart-felt show and really brings you back to that time, and it’s no wonder why it hits home for so many people.
  • Aziz Ansari is the next name to be brought out in the Hollywood sexual misconduct cases, but the story seems to be lacking any real case for sexual misconduct. The story that is told honestly just sounds like a date that wasn’t as good as both parties had thought. Now this woman is calling him out saying that he’s a creep, and there’s no real evidence that anything creepy was done. It very well may be just a case of some girl looking for a bit of fame in the middle of the whole scandal.