Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-28-17

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 12/28/17

  • Another short day on the show, but it is Throwback Thursday, and the guys are trying to figure out whether or not Dick Clark just said Happy Dew Year to the entire country. Still broadcasting from all over the country, Covino tells us about his day of doing absolutely nothing but lounging around in pajamas, must be nice. Rich still sounds a little under the weather, which brings up the point that no news anchorman or woman ever brings up that they’re feeling a little under the weather on TV.
  • Rich went to a double feature yesterday, seeing both Pitch Perfect 3 and then Coco with Sara, and while Pitch Perfect was alright, Coco was PHENOMENAL! He cried during it, like a little baby, which means that Cov was right in that the movie is Great! Covino went to see The Disaster Artist a few weeks ago, and while he was there in the theater a guy told him to be quiet, which really got on his nerves because everyone else was talking too. He even had the nerve to do the zipper motion across his lips, so Covino decided to tell him off after the movie was over. People like that in theaters are just the worst, and sometimes it feels good just to tell them off. Rich doesn’t think so, and thinks he should’ve taken the higher road, but Cove had to defend his honor.
  • There are a ton of random news alerts out there for today: a model posted a realistic photo of herself and lost over 70k followers, Denzel Washington is 63, and in Philly a raccoon snuck into a home and attacked a baby while it was sleeping. A man in Bali is paralyzed after chasing after a monkey that stole his favorite Steelers hat. There is an enormous Penis pop up art display in NYC that is causing a stir, and Eminem opened up a pop up shop in Detroit to serve his Mom’s Spaghetti. Bono is catching more flack after an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and Spot went to the mall and sat on Santa’s throne.