Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-18-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 9/18/17


Patti Stanger – Promoting Season 2 of Million Dollar Matchmaker

Show Topic

  • The big fight weekend was amazing, but in the end was a little underwhelming when they called it a draw. There was a clear winner to the fight, and the fact that they called it a draw, GGG was clearly robbed of a victory. To have Canelo winning that many rounds was absolutely absurd, so will she be removed as a judge as a whole? If not after this fight, how will she ever come back as a judge? As Teddy Atlas said in his clip from Sportscenter, this was all forced by money, because money is all the power in boxing. In the end it was a great fight, but the payoff was a shock. The problem with boxing is the judging is all over the place.
  • Rest in Peace to Bobby the Brain, a legendary commentator and wresting coach passed away over the weekend, he was a hilarious commentator who was famous for being the bad guy, and would always “look the other way” when the guys would break the rules. A sleazy manager, a “bad guy in wrestling”, but overall a wonderful man lost too soon.
  • Patti Stanger stops by to promote season 2 of Million Dollar Matchmaker, they discussed Kevin Hart’s apology, and the Emmys and all the couples who showed up. Ben Affleck showed up with a new woman, and it was almost as if he was throwing it in Jen Garner’s face. The best kept secret of the night though was Alexander Skarsgard, and his speech was absolutely phenomenal. Million Dollar Matchmaker moved to WeTV and now it is a more emotional show, and the season finale in three weeks will be the best episode yet. The key to getting the girl you want is being chivalrous, if you don’t give them the time of day they won’t pay attention to you, and that’s what a lot of guys don’t realize.
  • Kevin Hart was caught in a cheating scenario and it just goes to show you how much the public spotlight is on celebs like this. Olivia Munn threw some shade at her Ex Aaron Rodgers, and Chris Pratt was called out for not being at the Emmys to support Anna Farris.


  • Covino does not wear pants, he does not see them as necessary, he will wear shorts or jeans, or a suit, but there is no point to have them. But if he is going to try and get younger girls and attract millenials he needs to adapt to the mainstream culture by buying at least one pair of pants.  It is literally mind-blowing that Covino has made it this far without just a normal pair of pants.


  • There’s a midget in Japan who has made it big as a porn star, and he is making a killing at only 3’6 but what is the deal with midgets in porn? Why are they so popular? There are three female pornstars who are also midgets, and it literally is just continuong to grow in popularity.