Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-7-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 8/7/17

Show Topics

  • C&R return to mornings – C&R are so excited to be back on morning radio! Covino couldn’t sleep from excitement. Last time they were on mornings they were on at 6 a.m. PST. Being on at 6 a.m. versus being on at 8 a.m. now makes a world of a difference. They are happy with their new time slot and to be aligned with such great shows on the channel
  • We’re all simple jack’s – Rich thinks anyone who thought last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was the best ever is too easily amused. Rich thought it was boring for the most part, the last 20 minutes of the show was just dragons, fire and destruction. Everyone is too easily amused. Covino didn’t catch the episode, but watches every week. Rich gives Covino trouble for not knowing the names of the characters.
  • Covino has relationship questions – Is starting a new show with someone you are seeing a big step? Covino feels like investing in a new show with someone new is a big step. Rich and Spot don’t think it’s that big of deal. This is also coming from Covino, who thinks anything that is really fun is only reserved for serious relationships. He won’t do anything too fun too early on, not even as an ice breaker. Someone wanted to go go-carting on a first date and he wouldn’t do it, he wouldn’t even go on a hike with a girl he’s gone out with a few times. It’s clear – Covino has serious intimacy issues and needs to loosen up.


  • Hollywood break ups – Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split. They  made the official announcement on social media. Is this the new standard for break ups and divorces? Why is there such a need for public announcements? What bothers Rich the most is people claim the the split is amicable and they will be doing their best to co-parent. There is nothing amicable right after a split, maybe it will get there at some point but not right away.



  • Rich’s dad observation – Rich cannot believe how judgmental people are when it comes to parenting. He finds that people are the most judgmental in this area. Every parent think their method or their advice is the best advice and they think everyone else is doing it wrong. Rich’s new theory is that until you’re child grows up and you can see the final product, you can’t judge. If anyone catches Rich bragging about his daughter being advanced, punch him.
  • A listener calls in to ask for parenting advice – The listener’s daughter is having a sweet sixteen birthday and he doesn’t want his daughter doing a father-daughter dance with the stepfather. The daughter will be dancing with the listener as well. Covino understands where Mark is coming from, Rich is approaching it form a more logical stand point – do whatever will make the daughter happy. Covino disagrees – Rich is looking at it from a perspective with no feelings, if it was his daughter Rich would feel differently. At the end of the day, what is most important though is that the daughter is happy.