Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-28-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 7/28/17

Show Topics

  • Rich gets ditched – Last night, Covino and Spot left before Rich without even saying bye. Rich was the last one in the office and when he went down to his car and it wouldn’t start. Rich went back up to the front desk and the security officer went through the building and asked everyone if they had cables. He eventually came back with cables and jumped Rich’s car. Rich was so surprised at how kind he was. He went out and bought the security guy a gift card and a thank you note. People just aren’t that kind anymore, it’s really sad. Moral of the story: be nice and always be prepared.
  • Covino’s random stories – Solagamy is a new trend according to Covino. Solagamy is when you marry yourself. There is a woman who went down to Mexico to celebrate her marriage to herself. Can you claim that you are married on your taxes? Is it legal? You can now open carry swords in Texas – they’re essentially just bigger knives but what would you need a sword for? A white girl goes viral because she identifies herself as black. She has been influenced by black culture whether it be because she grew up around it or because she identifies with it but she claims she is black after using



  • Covino’s race – The trans-racial conversation takes a turn towards Covino after he mentions that he’s part Irish but doesn’t identify as Irish. Rich and Spot point out that no one knows that he’s part Irish, he builds himself about being half Mexican and half Italian. Rich and Spot rile him up because they are claiming that he ignores and denies his Irish heritage which isn’t true. Argument ensues between the three about why he chooses to not explain that he is part Irish when he talks about his culture. Covino just doesn’t feel the need to tell everyone exactly what he is all the time.

  • What is a life event you would relive if you could? – Rich thinks that he would relive losing his virginity and the first time he was on his college radio station. Covino knows that the he should say the birth of his child but he says that the birth of Melody is still so fresh in his mind because she’s so young still. Spot would want to relive the last moments with his father who passed away when he was 8. Spot’s memories are just bits and pieces and he would like the remember what those moments were like. Listeners call in with the moments they would relive in their lives.