Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-20-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 7/20/17

Show Topics

  • Chester Bennington – Chester Bennington committed suicide leaving behind six children. This one really hit home for Covino, he really looked up to him. The whole situation is tragic. The songs were the soundtrack to Covino’s career and on during the most influential stages of their lives. If anything, this should speak to how severe his issues were that he was willing to leave behind his family. The guys look back at their favorite memories that are linked to Linkin Park’s music when they were coming up in their careers. Listeners call in to share their thoughts on Chester’s suicide and their Linkin Park memories.
  • OJ to be released – After dodging a murder charge and plenty of civil suits, the odds were stacked against him when he tried to rob his own memorabilia. There was no way he was getting away with armed robbery. The guys speculate who OJ will hang out with when he gets out and what kind of man he will become. People are saying he’s just an old man now, he won’t be up to any trouble once he’s out. He’ll probably spend his time golfing and hanging out.


  • Viral gender reveal – Family makes the father shoot a three pointer with a basketball filled with the color of the gender. There’s another viral one where a man has 3 daughters and he’s about to bite into a cupcake that is colored blue or pink but clearly hoping for a boy. Spot hates gender reveals. Rich thinks Spot’s idea is the best – Spot doesn’t want to know the gender until the baby is born. Rich thinks gender reveals are way more fun. when Covino found out he was having a girl, it was a complete nightmare. He couldn’t believe he was having a girl, it was clearly karma.



  • Awareness Theory – When you learn about something you’ve never heard of comes up then it the following days you see it or hear about it everywhere. Recently, the guys found out about frozen shoulder from Chris Parnell when he was on the show earlier this week. Covino has been dealing with serious shoulder pain for the last month or so. Parnell mentioned that Covino might have frozen shoulder. When Covino was at the gym earlier today and someone mentioned that Covino might have frozen shoulder and someone in the office also mentioned frozen shoulder as well.
  • Rich has a moon landing story – Rich was listening to Flash Phelps this morning and he heard one of the loyal C&R listeners on Flash’s show. It’s the anniversary of the moon landing, and apparently the C&R listener was redoing his cabinets and found the original newspaper from the moon landing. Rich found this to be so hilarious to hear his listener calling another show just to call about the moon landing newspaper. Rich called Covino immediately to tell him the story and it made Covino laugh out loud just as he was waking up. The moon landing did make Rich think of something – in their lifetime has there been something just as preposterous and amazing?
  • Covino’s dumb thought – we live in a world where celebrities are so easily accessible with social media. You can tweet or reach out to a celebrity and there is a good chance they will see it and respond. Instagram models with millions of followers – are they really celebrities? Where do they fall into? If these girls are so easily accessible, are regular guys going after them? Covino doesn’t think regular guys are trying hard enough. Rich and Covino point out that while Covino doesn’t see himself as a celebrity, he does have social media notoriety. He has something to offer these women versus the average Joe who works a 9-5.