Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-17-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 7/17/17

Show Topics

  • Bragging about not knowing – With the social media flood of Game of Thrones and Mayweather/McGregor, Rich thinks it’s hilarious that some people brag about not knowing or avoiding big pop culture phenomenon. Some people will say that they’re too busy or too intellectual for this kind of thing. What does that mean? Covino can understand people being unaware of certain things because it’s all preference. It seems like Rich is bragging about putting value in nonsense. Rich argues that Covino is misinterpreting the entire conversation – it’s not about putting value in nonsense, it’s about being aware of what’s going on. Even if you’ve never watched an episode of a certain show, you’re aware of the general premise of the big pop culture hits.
  • Counting your chickens – Rich is amazed by how Covino operates his professional and personal life. Covino waits last minute for everything and kind of just waits to see how everything plays out. Rich on the other hand tries to stay ahead of the ball unlike Covino and Spot. However, Rich goes a little too far sometimes – aggravating Covino and Spot. Rich makes plans for things that haven’t happened yet which could potentially hurt them rather than help them.
  • First date courting – Rich saw a meme online about the progression of the first date. The meme went from a sweet romantic gesture in the 80s to having sex on the first date in today’s day and age. Is this just the norm now? The conversation turns into what is appropriate for a woman to do on a first date. C&R both agree that sleeping around on the first date makes a woman looks easy. The guys delve into how women should have self-respect and expect more out of the courting process before giving it up. Tata comes in to tell them that there’s nothing wrong if two people decide to sleep together on the first date. They discuss the differences in dating mindsets from different generations.