Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-10-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 7/10/17


Jon Taffer – Promoting his show on Spike, Bar Rescue


Syd & Ryan of Valora



Show Topics

  • Andrew Garfield – Andrew Garfield was on a panel talking and promoting his new film, Angels in America. In the film, he plays a gay character. He said that in preparation for the role he would watch RuPaul’s Drag Race every weekend. Garfield said he was pretty much gay but without the physical aspect. People are angered by his comments and had to make an apology. Covino hates these stories – he’s tired of everyone being offended by everything. Rich wants to know if this is actually offensive to someone. The guys discuss the best gay characters in movie and film.


  • Jon Taffer in studio – Taffer discusses creating closeness and intimacy with music and lighting, going out to meet people, and how the bar scene has had to adapt the new generation that is obsessed with technology. C&R discuss with Jon how he works to change the minds of the bar owners and forces them to take accountability for the failure of their businesses.
  • Billy Joel vs Mellencamp – A listener posed a question: did Mellenkamp not get the recognition he deserved because he’s not an east coast guy? The listener argues that Mellenkamp has the same amount if not more hits than Billy Joel. What song defines Billy Joel and Mellenkamp as artists? The guys go through other musicians that are in the same category of greatness and how regionally some are more popular than others.
  • Live streaming – Covino wants to do more live stream. He did a quick live stream before the show today but spent the entire time using it as a mirror. The point is to interact with listeners, not to stare at yourself. Covino says it’s because the angle is so unflattering, no one can say it’s a good look – he’s okay with spending the entire stream worrying about how he looks.
  • Syd & Ryan of Valora in studio – Valora is headed out to Rock Fest and is stopping by the studio to perform live. They’ve been prepping for Rock Fest for about a month, they have a full hour set which is unheard of when there are such big bands on the bill. They discuss what it’s like to perform alongside bands that they look up to and new music the band has been working on.
  • Rich’s thoughts on porn – Rich is amazed at the differences in people’s preferences. Last week he thought he saw porn star, Janice Griffith at Orange Theory. Listeners commented on how she is too skinny. The standard of beauty has changed from a thin preference to a thicker girl. Rich feels like he’s in the minority now because he prefers a thinner girl. He doesn’t understand why it’s become a thing – he doesn’t find thicker women attractive. C&R discuss the change in beauty standards and how being a thicker woman is now what women strive for. The discuss the difference in preferences, Rich’s outrageous standards and how social media perpetuates the beauty standard.