Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-3-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 7/3/17

Show Topics

  • Netflix catch up – Spot watched The Keepers finally, and really enjoyed it. He had the same reaction and observations that C&R had when they watched. He also watched Glow, he enjoyed it but he doesn’t know if he would recommend it. Last week, Covino recommended Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King stand up special. Over the weekend Rich decided to watch it and he loved it. Rich thinks it is the best stand up he has seen in years. Covino is so glad he enjoyed it. Rich watched it two times in full and can’t get enough of it. The story telling is so well done.
  • Fight night – Pacquiao vs Horn over the weekend. Rich thought the coverage was really slow. Horn was the aggressor but he was getting beat by Pacquiao. There is no question that Manny won the fight. They gave the decision to Horn at the end of the fight. Pacquiao fought a great fight but he just couldn’t knock him out. Rich is convinced that they were trying to make Horn into a Rocky story. Stephen A. Smith and Teddy Atlas had Covino dying of laughter. Their commentary was on fire, saying that his was corruption and it was clear that Horn didn’t win.


  • Spot on Millionaire – Spot leaves to compete on Millionaire tomorrow. Rich has been analyzing the show and has concluded that the first four questions are for dummies. You have to be especially dumb to miss any of those questions. Essentially, Spot needs to get to $50,000 mark without using any lifelines. He’s not allowed to talk about anything that happens on Millionaire so don’t expect a recap. Rich is just making Spot more nervous, now Spot is worried that he doesn’t know enough.
  • Chris Christie’s day at the beach – NJ Governor Chris Christie closed down the beaches in NJ due to budget reasons but then still spent a day at the closed beach with his family.  Led to some great photoshops


  • Annie Lennox – Annie Lennox posted a letter she received from a music coordinator in Los Angeles that didn’t know who she was. The letter is pretty much this music coordinator trying to get Annie Lennox on board with playing her music on their station. The coordinator clearly did not know who Lennox was, she did no research at all. For someone who works in the music industry, it’s pretty embarrassing that the coordinator did not know who she was. This is the kick off for a conversation that has to do with the radio industry now and how the younger generations don’t even try to impress or give the respect that DJ’s of hosts deserve. Millennials are not concerned with making a good impression with the people that count the most.




  • J-Lo and A-Rod – J.Lo has been blowing up her social media with nothing but A-Rod compliments and how great of a man he is and how happy she is. A picture has surfaced from 2005 of J.Lo, A-Rod, and Marc Anthony and the internet is up in arms about it. The guys wonder if there was ever a time in their lives where something like this happened? The guys discuss the times when they knew that the woman they were with had another man in their life that they would end up with, even if the woman wasn’t aware of it at that time.