Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-19-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 6/19/17


Jonathan Goldsmith – Former “Most Interesting Man” promoting his book Stay Interesting



Show Topics

  • Kovalev vs. Ward – Covino said it was a great fight. Rich downplayed the fight, saying that no one watched it. Covino thinks Rich sounds ridiculous, both fighters are insanely good and he sounds like an idiot downplaying the fight. There was a controversial low blow call, but Ward knocked Kovalev out. It was a really good fight, and anyone who didn’t watch it clearly aren’t as into boxing as they should be.
  • Jonathan Goldsmith – “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” He stops by to talk about his new book, Stay Interesting that shares the stories of his life Goldsmith the back story of how he became the most interesting man in the world, his acting career prior to becoming the most interesting man, how he got back into Hollywood after 9 years, and the differences in dating then versus now.
  • Famous nerdy fat kid – Covino brings up an actor who is in everything but no one ever knows his name. Jesse Heiman has been in every series you could think of but always as a background character. C&R go through other actors that you know the face of but could never name.


  • Father’s Day for Mother’s – Covino saw something on his Facebook feed that he kind of agreed with. Someone posted something about people wishing their mother’s a happy Father’s Day. The person who posted it was annoyed because Mother’s already have their own day. Whether or not they are pulling double duty as a parent, they are already celebrated. Covino kind of agrees, he understands that not every father is around and yes, lots of women take on the role of both mother and father but what’s the point?
  • Have you ever wandered into the wrong car or house? – Covino saw a video online of a family filming a woman who they found on their couch. A completely drunk stranger wanders into this house and falls asleep on their couch. They politely ask her to leave and she refuses. Rich thinks the homeowners were very polite at first, Covino thinks they should have called the cops right away for trespassing! Covino brought up to Spot how he’s never done that, but he has gone into the wrong person’s car. It is beyond Spot how this even happens. This video upsets Covino C&R want to know what funny stories their listeners have on wandering into the wrong places.


  • Friend in need – C&R listener was in the air force and had a very active lifestyle. Now that he not in the military, he has put on over one hundred pounds. He works nights and is having trouble getting to the gym. The listener is looking for advice on a workout routine. The guys do their best to give healthy habit advice – start with the obvious like cutting out sugars, sodas, and portion control. For workouts, start simple with walking on a treadmill at a high incline.