Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-14-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 6/14/17

Show Topics

  • Mayweather vs McGregor – It’s official, the two will be fighting August 26th in Las Vegas. Rich has a theory, he thinks that Mayweather is going to have the upper hand in the fight and then at the last second, McGregor will come out and take out  Rich thinks it’s going to be staged. It is going to be a huge fight, but it’s definitely a joke of a fight – it’s all about the spectacle. The press conferences surrounding this fight alone are going to be madness.


  • Covino woke up with a back ache – He doesn’t know why but it feels like he pinched something in his back. What he finds hilarious is that Rich is obsessed with the Asian masseuse at the mall – he swears that the guy can fix any problem. Rich tries to defend himself because the Asian man has helped Rich with hip pain and back pain before. He will never quit that guy and thinks Covino is silly for not giving him a shot. Covino refuses to take people’s advice. It’s a cheap massage that does the trick.
  • Behind the velvet rope – Nothing irritates Rich more than people who work hard and do not get credit. He hates to see people who don’t work hard get recognized. This has nothing to do with himself, he thinks he is treated fairly. Spot is the guy in the room that is underpaid and underappreciated and the guys fight for him as much as they can. However, Spot does not fight for himself and it’s frustrating. The DBC is just a week away and Rich feels like Spot doesn’t sell it properly, it’s a huge a event and everyone needs to know about it. The bosses need to know how big the event is. At the end of the day, they just wish Spot would fight more for his own recognition.
  • Crossing a few things off Covino’s list – the guys went to Sleep Number today and they are getting new beds, a story about a teen gender reveal – Covino wants to know if this is going to become a trend and Rich wants to know if there is a right age for a child to know if they are in the right body, and the Lonzo Ball & Kevin Durant commercials.


  • Friend in need – a listener reached out asking for advice. Our listener has been married for 13 years but the past 8 of them have been difficult. His wife has not worked while they have been married but was also not a housewife, so 5 months ago he got her a job where he works. His wife got very close to another girl in the office and one day invited coworkers over to the house. While everyone is hanging out, our listener made out with the female coworker. He has never cheated on his wife and told her immediately – his wife wasn’t bothered by it and made him realize that his wife were just roommates at that point. Our listener got closer the office woman and decided to ask his wife about their relationship and where it was going. His wife packed up and left with their son and they are now in the middle of a divorce. The problem now is that the office woman is married to an unhinged man who she can’t get away from. Her husband knows she is cheating, threatens to kill himself if she leaves and even invited our listener to move in with them. How does this listener get this woman out of this dangerous situation? Covino thinks this is crazy and this guy needs to back out. He’s jumping from one situation to another, the whole relationship is based on lust. Spot thinks that our listener should also jump ship. Rich mentions that cheating and jumping into relationships right away is more common than we think and it’s probably not so crazy.