Covino & Rich Show Recap: 6-2-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 6/2/17


Kim Dickens and Colman Domingo promoting season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead

Show Topics

  • Kim Dickens and Colman Domingo in studio – They are here to promote season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead and the development of their respective characters. C&R discuss with them where season 2 left off and what can be expected from season 3. Kim talks about how great it is to play a badass, the inspiration from The Walking Dead and her work on House of Cards. Colman talks about how proud he is to be known for being on Fear the Walking Dead, name drops his entire career, and his work in theater. The new season starts this Sunday with back to back episodes.



  • Friend In Need – a listener calls up needing some advice. He was divorced about 4 years ago, and received custody of their child and got to keep the house. He has been dating a new woman for about a year and they are ready for the next step – moving in together. People keep telling our listener that it is taboo to move the new woman into the house he had with his ex. Is it really? Covino doesn’t think he has to but he likes the idea of a fresh start. Rich says that if the market is working in your favor – why not sell and start over? It’s not necessary to move, but if he decides to stay, do a little revamp to give it new vibes. Spot thinks it would be ridiculous for this guy to move.
  • Kathy Griffin back in the news – after getting fired from CNN and losing endorsements, she is back in the news. Griffin says she is going to sue Trump because his team is bullying her. She claims she won’t be able to work after this. Rich thinks that she’s doing this because she screwed up and her back is up against the wall, for her to claim bullying is crap. Listeners call in to give their opinions on the statement she made and the consequences that have come her way.


  • Wizard John update – Wizard John used to be the associate producer for C&R. Now that he is working for Rude Jude, they call him Old Man River because he dresses like an old man with hobo shoes. Someone sent John Air Force Ones – and he looks so different just because he’s wearing new shoes. It made a dramatic difference. What simple changes in your life made a world of difference? The guys look back at when Spot decided to grow a beard and how his confidence boosted.


  • Random headlines – Father-Daughter viral video of him taking his daughter to her last day of senior year, 16 year old stabs her uber daughter, and Covino wants to get jabby gloves.