Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-10-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 5/10/17

Show Topics

  • Gym Etiquette – Covino had to go to the gym yesterday at the busiest time in the evening and it was torture. The guys are looking forward to getting their workouts in during the day once they move channels so they don’t have to deal with loads of people. Covino went the weight rack to pick up a curling weight and some gym rat stopped him, saying that he was using the particular weight Covino picked up. Covino asked if he was using it, why it was on the weight rack. Putting the weight back on the rack means it’s up for grabs. Things like that and people waiting on you while you’re using a bench or machine is the worst.
  • C&R on Craig Ferguson – The guys stopped by Craig Ferguson’s show on Comedy Greats. Covino was kind of nervous to go on his show, only because Covino is a much better host than he is guest. Luckily, the show went really well – Craig Ferguson is hilarious and they were so happy they stopped in to talk to him.

  • Rich’s dumbest thought to date – Rich, Sara, Spot, and Kristen went to Hooters last night to watch the basketball game and see if some spicy wings could induce some labor in Sara. They ate like complete slobs, which brought up a thought for Rich. People who do not take care of themselves, people who are overweight and do not watch what they eat – is their entire life spent holding in farts? Everyone agrees that yes, this is the dumbest thought ever.

  • Matt Harvey’s weak apology and sports – Rich thinks that Matt Harvey’s public apology was the most disingenuous thing ever. Covino says that Harvey at this point is a distraction and more of a liability for the team at this point. The guys mention hockey and basketball and how all the teams are bringing their A game right now.
  • Viral video of trash behavior – a video has been making its rounds on the internet of an old woman entering a backyard party with her two dogs. The party was really loud and rowdy and the woman was just trying to ask those in attendance to keep it down a bit. Someone at the party picked her up, dropped her on the ground and then proceeded to pick her up again and throw her in the pool. She ended up hurting her head, her dogs got loose, and she had to go to the hospital. The guys agree that this was so unnecessary, why these kids would do this? It makes no sense.

  • Friend in need – Listener reaches out, he’s fresh out of a long term relationship and has been casually dating for a few months. He finally met someone that he really likes on Bumble, the only thing is – this girl had hooked up with our listener’s best friend a while back. Is it possible to move forward with this girl knowing that she slept with his best friend even if it was a long time ago? Covino says he could never get over that. Rich thinks that if he can’t get over it, he needs to let the girl go and move onto the next one.
  • That one time Covino was a crappy friend – Emotions get stirred up when Covino brings up a story from a long time ago. Back in the Maxim days there was a girl that Spot really like, so they invited her to the show along with a girl Rich was seeing at the time. At some point, Rich, Covino and the two girls go back to one of their apartment’s. Rich and his girl left to get booze, leaving Covino with the girl that Spot liked. Covino went to the length of climbing out the bathroom window and down the fire escape to get away with her but when he gets to the street Rich and his girl see him and tell him to come back up. Covino ends up hooking up with the girl that Spot really liked but he insists that he didn’t want to. Spot is still very salty about the whole encounter.