Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-9-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 5/9/17

Show Topics

  • Rich is going to tell us how to survive an alligator attack – There is a kid in the news that got an alligator to let go of one of her limbs in an attack. The girl who was attack was taught somewhere that if you cover their nostrils it will suffocate that and they’ll have to open their mouth. The girl covered the gator’s nostrils and it released her.
  • When comedians get too political – Covino brings up Bill Burr and his political talk. He may have been a little too aggressive. There’s a fine line to walk and if you cross that line, you may isolate a certain group of people who have opposing opinions. There has to be a balance to what you say because if you maintain that balance, even if people disagree with you they at least have some respect for you. That respect can easily be lost if you are little too aggressive.
  • Civil War observation – Colored Civil War photos give Rich a new perspective. There are black and white photos from the civil war that are now being colored and for Rich, it humanized them a bit. In black and white, people seem so unrelatable and almost fake – but it color, they seem relatable. Rich wonders what people from the Civil War era would feel about current times. Spot looks like he would fit right in with these photos.
  • The Good Old Days – Covino has all of his important thoughts when he is peeing. This time he was pondering the idea of keeping his father’s memory alive when he passes away. Covino is notorious for doing impressions of his dad, and since he does a great impression is it his job to keep his dad’s memory alive for the rest of the family? Rich mentions how the first thing you forget about people is their voice, and how it’s hardly ever how you remember it. C&R don’t really come to a conclusion for his question but he will probably continue to poke fun at his dad after he passes.
  • Rich’s headlines – David Spade posted a photo with Cash Me Ousside girl, and she came out to say that she had no idea who he was when they took the photo. Boobs may be exposed at Sephora, apparently the best lipstick color for you is whatever the color of your nipple is. The new French president’s wife is 20 years older than him and people think it’s weird. Ashton Kutcher agrees that Natalie Portman should have been paid the same amount as him for No Strings Attached.