Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-20-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 4/20/17

Show Topics

  • Bill O’Reilly fired from Fox – Rich wants to know what he actually did. C&R speculate about the type of sexual harassment, the amount of money that Fox paid out in settlements, and how he mistaked a falafel for a loofah in an inappropriate phone call to an associate. After further research, C&R learn what types of things Bill O’Reilly was actually accused of and all agree that he is a super creep. Apparently Covino’s grandmother was obsessed with loofah’s and they were always purchased in bulk at his house.

  • Cheating on the barber – Covino needed a quick trim up for a party but his barber couldn’t see him. The next available barber took care of Covino and did a way better job that Covino’s original barber. What is Covino supposed to do now? He feels terrible for cheating on his barber already but what’s even worse is that his old barber’s chair is right next to the new awesome barber. What other professions could this happen in? Listeners call in with other professions – tattoo artists, nail artists, mechanics, and masseuses just to name a few


  • Friend in need – Listener reaches out about going on a vacation with his girlfriend who he is on the outs with. They seem to be headed for a break up but the listener doesn’t want to lose the 5 grand he invested in the trip. Should he go forward with the trip. Covino says that he should, The vacation could save the relationship – it will be a good indicator as to whether or not you the relationship is worth saving. Rich has been in this position twice before – but he says to still go on the trip. Don’t waste your money and go and try to have fun. If anything, you’ll learn that it’s time to let the relationship go.
  • Weird celebrity crushes – Yesterday, Covino mentioned that he used to have a weird crush on Ricki Lake. In light of his confession, C&R discuss other strange celebrity crushes and ask listeners for theirs as well. Some of the names that come up include Elvira, Tony Soprano’s wife, and Joan Cusack.

  • Rich’s dad has a random awesome story – Rich’s dad Greg and his best friend came across a story in the newspaper of another one of their childhood friends, Tony. They haven’t spoken to Tony in probably 40 years but they grew up playing together every day and grew up on the same block. After reading the story about Tony in the paper – Greg decided he wanted to track down Tony. After a little google search, Greg learned that Tony lived 5 minutes away. On a whim, Greg drove to Tony’s house, met his wife, exchanged info and is now planning on seeing Tony this weekend.