Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-14-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 4/14/17

Show Topics

  • RIP Charlie Murphy – realize we didn’t pay proper respects to the comedian, didn’t give him the credit he deserved, he passed away on Wednesday, he’s been on the show a bunch of times throughout the years

  • Rich’s huge tease – we had a big on-air talent workshop yesterday, and Covino & Rich both realized they need to work on their teases for things coming up on the show, Yankee legend Steve Sax was in the meeting and that’s all Covino could think about, other things we learned
  • Caitlyn Jenner’s full transformation – Rich’s huge tease is revealed as we find out Caitlyn Jenner had surgery to remove her penis back in January, it’s one of the many things coming out in her new book this month


  • Mistaking bands for each other – Rick calls in and says how he always thought How Soon is Now was by Depeche Mode and not The Smiths, other bands that fall into this category, Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys are an easy mix up
  • Viral Video – guy on a bus in turkey exposes himself and all the women on the bus join in and beat him up, Rich references other viral videos that he loves recently – clown pie in the face pranks
  • Friend in Need – Roger is new to the dating scene and wants to know how long he should wait before bringing a new girl around to meet his friends, Rich is all for bringing her out immediately so the friends can be a good gauge on the type of girl she is, Covino thinks this is something you should wait on because a new girl can leave a lasting impression, it can also throw off (positively or negatively) how you’re feeling about the girl moving forward, Spot thinks you should wait at least a few dates before even entertaining this thought


  • Dadlife – Rich recently saw the ad for the Pony Up daddy that he was thinking of getting when he has a daughter, realize that our dads wouldn’t do something like this when we were younger, other people share that your life changes when you become a dad
  • Rich’s gets yelled at by his father – his brother recently bought a house and Rich insists that it’s a fixer upper that needs work, he argues with his dad about the definition of a fixer upper, his dad insists that he shouldn’t share his opinion because no one wants to hear it, maybe his dad wants to be the only one whose opinion matters, people rarely take advice from people anyway, but sometimes they take certain things under advisement

And here’s the beautiful John Stamos with Jesse and The Rippers to take you into the weekend…