Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-14-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 3/14/17


Jeff Abrahams – CEO of Promescent promoting his product

Tom Papa – comedian and colleague stops by the show

Show Topics

  • Rich’s obvious-ervations – Rich points the most obvious things all the time. Today’s obvious-ervation is about sleep. Rich usually only gets 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, but last night he got close to 10 hours and feels amazing. He points out how having enough sleep makes you feel so much better compared to his usual 4 hours. This is probably the worst time to figure this out considering he’s having a baby in a couple months.
  • Real Hunger Games coming soon – Rich’s wife sent him an article and he isn’t sure if it’s real or not but Russia plans on holding a real Hunger Games. People from all over the world have agreed to participate. Rape, murder, and fighting are all allowed – you must do whatever you can to survive. Participants have all signed liability/death waivers and it will be broadcasted live online. The participants will be 15 men and 15 women competing and there will be one ground crew and one helicopter on standby. Covino thinks this crazy and a major step back for humanity.

  • Ezekiel Elliot exposes a woman’s breast at a St. Patrick’s day parade – While partying at a Saint Patrick’s day parade, Elliot pulls down the shirt of a female friend. C&R both agree that it is not a good look for Elliot but it’s not that big a deal. The woman didn’t seem to care and she had been flashing people before the incident so the guys don’t get the major uproar. If it was a random woman, they would understand people being so upset but the circumstances are a little different.

  • Jeff Abraham in studio promoting Promescent – C&R were introduced to Jeff by Rude Jude who insisted that Jeff come on the show. Promescent is a spray for men that helps slow down to onset of ejaculation to make them last longer in bed. Jeff describes how the product works, how it was developed by medical professionals, the success his company had, a pending lawsuit, and the loss of his partner in the project because he was murdered.
  • Comedian Tom Papa comes by to hang out with C&R – Tom Papa comes by to catch up with C&R. They talk about his show on SiriusXM, Come to Papa, his experience in comedy, his approach to writing new comedy and C&R gift him with his very own bottle of Promescent. He talks about getting hit on at Coffee bean just before the show and how anything from his life can turn into a bit