Covino & Rich Show Recap: 11-8-16

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 11/8/16


Cris Carter – NFL Hall of Famer, promoting his work with Ambrosia Treatment Center

Show Topics

  • Election Day – C&R encourage people to go out and vote. They talk about their predictions for this election. Covino thinks that if Hillary is elected nothing will change, if Trump is elected things will change considerably
  • Rich has thoughts on late night television – He watched the Tonight Show, Bill Maher was on. Rich thinks he is the most smug person on the planet. He thinks that he has to be one of the most hated among conservatives


  • C&R discuss the proposition that would require condom use in pornography – Rich is voting no on this proposition. Listeners respond with their thoughts on the proposition and whether they are voting yes or no. The guys agree that condom use in pornography would be weird
  • C&R bring up appropriate behavior in dance clubs and strip clubs. When does someone cross the line from having fun to cheating? After debating back and forth as to what is appropriate behavior when you’re in a relationship, the guys agree that every relationship is different and what is considered right or wrong does depend on the dynamic of the relationship
  • Talking expensive headphones – Rich and his wife go to Best Buy. His wife is generally really reasonable when it comes to spending money. She wanted a new pair of headphones for the gym, she spent $150 on earbuds for the gym. Rich wants to know if everyone should have a good pair of headphones. He compares them to sunglasses – he buys cheap ones because he loses them or breaks them. Covino has high value for his headphones and sunglasses. Is it worth spending a lot of money on these types of items?
  • Cris Carter in studio – promoting the We Are Recover program. The guys discuss when he first knew he wanted to be an athlete, his college and professional career, his journey through recovery, and his work as a sports commentator. His thoughts on the decline of ratings in the NFL, a team’s losing streak and its chemistry, and mentoring some of the younger players of today


Cris Carter on the Covino & Rich Show