Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-18-16

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 8/18/16


Matt Iseman – Host, American Ninja Warrior

Show Topics

· C&R are determined to go viral with their Danny Trejo video. It’s posted to all of their social media platforms

· The guys fight like a married couple over Eddie Murphy and Covino’s childhood. Rich doesn’t believe Covino.

· Unnecessary junk close ups on The Night Of on HBO, Spot sees them live on the show

· Donald Trump’s lawyer on CNN – questions the polls they are talking about. Denies that what they are doing is a shakeup. Donald Trump’s lawyer thinks he won the argument. C&R discuss how ridiculous he is. Kept saying “Says who?”

· Rich went to a Beat Bike class with his wife – He talks about his experience in the class and how competitive it is. Rich loves it. They talk about changing up their work outs and how to keep it interesting. Spot thinks Rich will tire of this quickly, importance of music during a workout

· Covino talks about how much he hates Connor McGregor’s antics. He thinks that Diaz will beat him in the UFC fight this weekend.

· Rich brings up William Hayes and how he genuinely believes in mermaids, but can’t “phantom a T-Rex”

· Rich didn’t think the Ryan Lochte story about him getting robbed was a big deal and then the story exploded.

·  Matt Iseman in studio. C&R talk with him all things American Ninja Warrior. Matt Iseman offers to bring C&R to the American Ninja Warrior course to try it out, they think they can handle the course, secrets of the course, being a great host, recent popularity