Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-8-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 8/8/16

Show Topics

  • C&R catch up on MLB headlines.
  • Covino talks about his birthday surprise – He got lost on his way to the rental property, Rich and Spot chime in about the planning and share stories about having tried to plan surprises or when they’ve been surprised. C&R talk about the weekend shenanigans and how much fun they had the entire weekend.

  • Covino wants his dad to see the aliens before he dies. He thinks it would be the best send off. C&R talk about how much you could see in the sky at Joshua Tree at night.
  • C&R describe their Hidden Valley hike. Rich had to push himself to rock climb to one of the highest points of the hike – he had the fear of missing out

  • Rich on 90s rock – least offensive and fun music. Everyone loves it. It’s the new classic rock. Rich asks listeners what their go-to music channel on Sirius. Rich loves country music on road trips. Covino says that whatever your version of oldies is the best to listen to in the mornings – It feels right.
  • Olympics – male gymnast breaks his leg, woman breaks her own swimming record winning the gold, Covino has no idea who these Olympians are.

  • Rich heard an old Eminem ft. Nate Dogg song – he can’t believe that the song was allowed on top 40 radio.
  • Pay it forward gone wrong – Man goes on a pay it forward rant gets almost 20 million views.
  • Woman arrested for defecating on bosses desk. Rich wants to know if anyone would actually do that. C&R discuss revenge on bosses. Rich doesn’t think things like that actually happen.
  • News with Spot – Child dies on world’s largest water slide, Anti-Trump conservatives recruit an additional candidate, man killed playing Pokemon Go at San Francisco park, and passengers stranded after Delta grounded worldwide.