Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-19-16

Covino & Rich – Tuesday, 4/19/16


Brent Morin

Show Topics

  • Could the Golden State Warriors survive without Steph Curry – How far would they get?, Performing without a key player and the rest of the team stepping up
  • Without women around, men could survive – Men have become independent with household chores, Stanley t was helpless, Have to be like Spot and cover all duties
  • Kourtney kardashian sleeping with 22 year old Justin Bieber, she’s 36 – If rich was single and dating a 22 year old, what would you say, She’s the same age as Rich, weird when it’s an older woman, Bieber must be laying it down
  • Johnny Depp apology over his dogs – Not declaring them in Australia, Weak apology or publicity stunt, Foreign laws you’re not aware of
  • Little league POA – “He’s Just a Little Boy” poem, #Everyfield, Covino and rich used to love being umpires at games, Covino had to throw someone out of a game onc
  • Rich is curious about the women of the Yukon – Someone hit us up yesterday from Northwest Territories in Canada, Amazed that people live up there
  • Brent Morin in studio – Covino watched Undateable after his last visit, live aspect of the show, behind the velvet rope