Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-18-16

Covino & Rich – Monday, 4/18/16


WWE Diva Natalie Eva Marie

Show Topics

  • New C&R Facebook started by listeners – another way for listeners of the show to interact, Covino & Rich Listeners spells CARL, posted a video of Spot from 2008, amazed by the visual transformation throughout the years
  • Sports Update – NBA & NHL playoffs this weekend, nothing monumental happened that stood out, Pacquiao vs Bradley fight re-aired on HBO, could be Pacquiao’s last fight although speculation is he’ll fight again, popularity of MMA is making boxing appear boring
  • Covino’s dadlife scene – kids movie night means all the parents hang out, having a double date with another set of parents later this week
  • Guy catches 5 foul balls in one game – Detroit tigers fan kept getting balls in his section, would give them to kids around him, acting like a hero
  • Shows worth checking out – Mad Dogs on Amazon prime, Rich started watching, he has mixed feelings but wants to see how it ends, Spot is liking Love on Netflix
  • WWE Diva Natalie Eva Marie in studio – talked about settling on her signature red locks, getting involved in the WWE scene, keeping up her social appearance, bad habits at home between her and her husband
  • Other sibling theory – always a prettier or more dominant sibling, eventually another sibling might change their look and get a chance to shine