Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-12-16

Show Topics

  • Rich’s comedy night with Jo Koy – Jo Koy was on the show last week and invited Rich to do a set at his show in Irvine, we went to support Rich, Rich discovered his new favorite place “Yard House,” Covino had the best sandwich of his life at Umami Burger, brought our found puppy to its new home at one of our listeners, Rich killed his set, Jo Koy was one of the funniest guys we’ve seen in a while, he brings out the Filipinos and Mexicans
  • Running Background checks on dates – guy calls in and says a female friend wants to run a background check on one of his former co-workers, wants to know if he should tell, is this a smart move, women have more to worry about when dating, men don’t care about this stuff
  • Sports Updates – Golden State Warriors tied the Bulls win record, stopped Spurs win record at home, Kobe Bryant’s 35 points in one game showing a glimpse of his old self, rookie on Rockies hits 7 HRs in first 6 games
  • TV Updates – Fear the Walking Dead season 2 premiere, Billions finale, Better Call Saul tonight
  • National Siblings Day – seeing a friend’s “mutant” sibling, finding out your friends have siblings you never knew about, Covino’s siblings day photo was meant for him
  • Rich’s housing thought – investing in a starter home to gain equity vs saving money to buy your dream house a few years down the line, risks of investing in a home, renting is throwing your money away or paying someone else’s mortgage, housing markets in different locations