Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-17-16

Covino & Rich – Thursday, 3/17/16


Comedian Alonzo Bodden

Show Topics

  • St Patrick’s Day & March Madness Kickoff – if you’re an irish college basketball fan then today is your day, Covino is a quarter irish and only embraces it today, RIch is part Irish but never mentioned it, Covino’s daughter is excited to celebrate at school
  • Covino’s dog passes away – gets a call during the show with the bad news, his daughter witnessed the death, trying to keep his family’s emotions in check, his mom handled news about death horribly and he always remembers that so he’s trying to be emotionally stable, field a lot of calls about how to handle the death of a pet, steps for cremation and remembering your pet, kids dealing with death
  •  News Alerts – Kanye West was tweeting for Kim Kardashian when she went on a twitter rant recently, he continues to lose his mind
  • Adam LaRoche retires – revealed the reason was because of the WHite Sox request to not bring his son around anymore, putting family over his career, was this a knee-jerk reaction that he’ll regret down the road, Covino is torn as to what side to take, even considering the unconventional workplace it’s still inappropriate to bring your kid to “work” with you all the time, mostly based on principle at this point, his son is a teenager – does he even care about being there, can’t understand how athletes can pass on multi-million dollar contracts even if just for another year
  • Alonzo Bodden in studio – has a new Showtime comedy special, his take on the LaRoche topic, what it takes to get a special on TV, his experience at SxSW, hipster movement with listening to things on Vinyl, how comedy has evolved throughout the years and sustainable comedy, stealing jokes vs making similar observations as other comics