March ManAss 2019

Finally, a bracket we can get behind!

Tis the season for heated competition, brackets, and man-ass.  Like any accidental discovery of genius, our stupidity has once again given birth to greatness with March ManAss 2019.  16 of today’s hottest men will go man to man, cheek to cheek, to crown the 2019 Man-Ass champion.  Tune into Covino & Rich every day at 8a PT on SiriusXM’s Faction Talk 103 throughout March Man-Ass, as we break down the tale of the tape of each competitor.  Then follow us on Instagram @CovinoAndRich, and cast your vote in our Instagram Story poll.  The winner of each poll will move on to the next round until One Shining Man-Ass is crowned champion.


So far, the competition has been heated in every sense of the word.  Here are your round 1 matchups and winners.





And things are about to get even more heated into week 2!




If you’d like to get involved and fill out your own bracket, you can download your updated Elite 8 bracket here (or save as the following image)




Get your friends involved, start a pool, hit up your local bar, and cheer on your favorite Man Ass!