Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 7/31/19

Show Topics:

  • Covino tried to do a good dead but it backfired! He got a Cheesecake Factory gift card from a listener and he decided to take Jordyn out. There is an old lady alone at the table next to them and shes starting to doze off! Covino and Jordyn start to feel bad for her and they overhear her order a cheesecake and a coffee. Covino decides to do a good deed and buy this ladies Cheesecake! Covino tells the waiter, to put just the ladies Cheesecake on his tab. The sever comes backs and her whole tab is on Covino’s check! Covino was upset at the severs stupidity and asked her to remove the other items. People are saying Covino is heartless and should’ve just covered the whole tab! 
  • Edward James Olmos was on the Now or Never  show last night. Covino was a huge fan since they are both vatos! Rich hasn’t seen any of his movies. Listeners recommend to watch American Me and Selena.
  • Rich went to the mall the other day and ate at Panda Express. When he was ready to pay on the screen it asked him if he wanted to donate $1 to kids that are hungry. Rich thinks this is way out of line and he shouldn’t be asked this at a Panda Express. He does he personal charity on the side and thinks that this should only be at drug stores, not fast food places!
  • Presidential Campaigns are happening and some candidates are so unaware! Candidate Tim Ryan didn’t put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem! Also when he his being asked a question he looks so confused. Camera presence is so important in this day and age. 
  • Rich asks Spot how he thinks he should reprimand a 2 year old. Rich’s daughter Emmy is two and a half and they sometimes go on walks with the dog piper. When Rich asks Emmy to hold her hand she slaps it and says “NO!” then runs away. Spot’s method is simple; she needs a spank. Other parents who called in say that 
  • Mario Lopez is facing backlash for an interview he had with Candance Owens. He said that kids who are three years old shouldn’t be able to choose their gender. People are saying that Mario is insensitive to those who already these feelings at that age. The boys all agree that they are team Mario and a kid shouldn’t make choices if they can’t even form a sentence!