Covino & Rich— Wednesday 1\15\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:00 AM Given yesterday’s convo, the guys were craving a burger, they hit up Smashburger and paid $18 per burger!
  • :08 AM The political debate last night…we’re slightly disconnected.
  • :14 AM Bachelor chick got champagne splashed and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  • :20 AM Embarrassing things you’ve done to impress a lady.
  • :34 AM We hate to love bad programming: The Circle, Vanderpump etc. but is basketball in the same category?
  • :40 AM Parenting is broken in 2020. The idea of stop seeing technology as a negative as it’s here to stay… Everything in moderation (:55 AM) … Older people are equally as problematic because they call us to download an app (:09 AM).


  • 9:24 AM Football – remember Reggie Bush’s Heisman was taken away… Dodgers fan wants his money back after Astros cheating scandal (:30 AM) … Dodgers being cheated out of the world series 2017 title.
  • :50 AM Ruining the moment


  • 10:14 AM The idea that there was never really a longtime career in radio as a DJ.
  • :17 AM Rock N Roll hall of fame entries.
  • :24 AM Rich is wondering how much is too much, and when you should show your kids work ethic, as he likes to ball out, buying her the VIP package to Daniel Tiger.
  • :34 AM Woman gets jail for 6 months for venting people to join the mile high club.
  • What’s the fastest you’ve gotten someone to touch your man part?