Covino & Rich— Wednesday 1\13\21

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  • 8:07 AM Those people that make you feel old because they look like crap, unfollow them and follow people that make you feel great!
  • :11 AM Time stamps of celebrities become parallels to your life and Tom Brady takes the quarterback award.
  • :16 AM With the playoffs around the corner, who is your rooting interest? We talk the Ravens vs the Bills, Baker Mayfield and Pat Mahomes and the importance of rooting for the underdog.  
  • :48 AM Our Buddy Clinton from CT emphasizes that we haven’t met any of our recent guests, it was just a glorify phone call, because it wasn’t in person. MIND BLOWN! Looks like there are levels of meeting someone.


  • :15 AM Last night Rich and Sara went to dinner with family and they ordered the entire menu! The best part, Sara called out Rich for not being able to shoot a good shot if he were to go hunting with her stepdad… and he didn’t take that too well. #KnowYourStrengthensAndWeaknesses
  • :34 AM Rich noticed his wife Sara got hot and glammed to drop their daughter off at Pre-K in TX and she’s in denial about competing with the other hot moms.


  • :10 AM Ran Dumb News – Billie Eilish announces release of new photobook and audio companion; Man Secretly Buys Wife’s Childhood Home To Make Her Dream Come True; Two NYC bars could make US history by selling for Bitcoin!; SF woman assaulted at gunpoint, her 5-month-old French Bulldog stolen in Russian Hill; Man Who Breached Capitol in Fur Hat and Horns Hasn’t Eaten Since Arrest Over Lack of ‘Organic Food’; Kyrie Irving is being the Kanye or the NBA and Oklahoma City Thunder’s George Hill says NBA’s stricter protocol ‘makes no sense’; Nicki Minaj set to pay Tracy Chapman $450,000 in copyright lawsuit.
  • :41 AM If you have these five things if your house, you’re a hoarder (DVDs, CDs, file cabinets, wall calendars, Takeout menus).