Covino & Rich— Tuesday 3\10\20

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  • 8:08 AM Covino wants to be rich enough so he doesn’t have to do all the things that he hates to do. Things that he hates: changing the sheets, mopping the floor, folding the clothes, cleaning the fish tanks, putting the dishes away and cleaning the sneakers.
  • :22 AM What are the little things that Brady wants when he’s renegotiating his contract? What are the little things that Covino and Rich want when they renegotiate their contract?
  • :36 AM Is Spot’s wife getting DMd by Covino and Rich listeners?  Covino thinks it’s only black guys because they are always attracted to fat asses. She only got DMd once. No one has crossed the line…. yet.
  • :50 AM Archie went on a date with a 60 year old. He’s really trying to get that Range Rover. Archie has standards of old and rich.


  • 9:04 AM  The virus made Rich realize that if something real was going to happen, people wouldn’t know what to do. He says that this was a test. Let’s say that this was a virus that killed 50% of people who had it. It would be chaotic. 
  • :16 AM Who do we look to in times of crisis? If there was a knock on the door and mom looked scared, then we were all scared. There is a way to maintain calm by not giving out misinformation.
  • :45 AM Rich disagrees with the notion that a couple on The Bachelor will always divorce. It doesn’t really matter where you met.


  • 10:16 AM The Perfect Pushup. Rich wants Spot to look up what the device does. Rich tries to do 1-2 hundred pushups when he’s at home. Rich is convinced that doing the perfect pushup is better than going to the gym.
  • :24 AM Rich had to sign Emmy up for preschool. Rich thought it would be easy. But seeing the kids artwork made him tear up.
  • :42 AM Friend in Need. Is there any way you can lose 5 inches in height as you age? This guy’s wife insists that her father was 6’4 and now he’s 5’10. Is this guy’s wife right or telling a lie?  Hulk Hogan lost 4 inches because of surgeries.