Covino & Rich— Monday 12\1\20

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  • 8:05 AM Happy Giving Tuesday! Rich’s wife always gives into the pressure of donating everywhere. Rich shares his story of being at Pet Co and persuaded to donated by hearing a sappy story. How and when do you reject donating. Covino just pawns it off on his girlfriend to make the call…
  • :34 AM The Ravens vs The Steelers – The Ravens are the biggest team affected by the Covid pandemic…
  • :42 AM The donating skeptics are valid because there are scams out there and you don’t know where the money actually goes. What about those minority kids selling chocolate – do you donate?


  • :25 AM Last night we went to Covino’s house to help him move his bed because its massive, but while this was happening, he got a text from the HOA about how people could hear him moving and made a complaint (in under 10 mins). What is wrong with these people?!
  • :58 AM Four stages of a man’s life are believing in Santa, not believing in Santa, becoming Santa, and then you look like him.
  • :01 AM The new rules and regulations of taking Christmas photos with Santa are not so magical. What things are forever canceled?


  • :32 AM A listener writes in our listener page that he got two girls to go on a trip with him and says a potential threesome is to come and in preparation, he’s shaved his pubs… and is asking for anything else that should be done.
  • :40 AM We get into a sexual game of “This or That.”