Covino & Rich— Tuesday 11\12\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:03 AM Alex Trebek has us all in our feelings after a contestant on the show last night made a dedication to him. 
  • :15 AM Covino takes us back to his  most desperate moments; going to the cash for gold spot, selling clothes he actually liked; this was a great era of debt of nearly $150,000. People that live beyond their means and hope luck finds them (:23 AM). Rich’s low moment was during an open house, he had to vacate the home while he was hung over and ended up sitting in the street and eventually sleeping in a bush (:30 AM). 
  • :44 AM What’s the price of a haircut? 
  • :48 AM Disney + is out today and C&R can’t get it for free because they’d have to turn in their Disneyland pass… they go through all the Disney + details compared to other streaming services. Streaming loop holes and cutting cords to save money (9:03 AM) 


  • 9:19 AM Who’s your household families go-to actor?
  • :21 AM Sports – 49ers making a comeback, Russell Wilson is a great player because he can transform any team, and it was a fun night for Football etc.
  • :33 AM Gender Reveals get more creative each week, this time it’s done fart style!
  • :42 AM White Lady uses the N-word at Popeyes and it goes left, she was physically removed and body slammed.
  • :48 AM Drake got “boo’d” at Gnaw Fest and handled it in the best way possible.
  • :56 AM “Archie, can you go get us a Popeyes chicken sandwich?!”


  • The importance of don’t believe the hype and reading the comments.
  • How parents view their kid as the best to ever live, no matter what they do etc.
  • Woman and men that had side money in a relationship, Spots wife has a Domestic Violence fund for emergency.
  • Archie returns with the sandwiches!