Covino & Rich— Thursday 9\19\19

Show Topics:

  • Spot is back, but with a BAD back! Fill us in Spot…how are you feeling after the series of unfortunate events?
  • Spot was gone for a whole month, which we understand, but we’ve got to catch our guy up on what he missed! From Carlos Mencia, Covino’s mom call in, chubby kids in parks, Popeyes sandwiches, scream farts etc.
  • While Spot was away, Rich confesses his admiration for yoga, after a year of Spot trying to get him to attend. We feel some jealousy coming on, as Spot thinks someone else finally influenced him…but SIKE!
  • Covino got a call from mom yesterday full of disappointment as he spoke to a listener “rude,” do you think it was a big deal?
  • Rich acknowledges that Covino doesn’t get the credit he deserves. This triggers Covino into a story about tickets for his daughter to see Billie Eilish, he got the run-around and put on standby when he just wanted any answer. He’s been a loyal employee for too long for little respect.
  • Major shout out to Ric O’Cassic, because we’ve been saying your name wrong.
  • We finally have road trip venue locations!
  • We’re siding with Jamal Adams to a point, because he’s being brutally honest on Twitter about his NFL fine.
  • What do you see when you look at the Chicago Bulls logo upside down? LOL