Covino & Rich— Thursday, 8/15/19

Show Topics:

  • It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re taking a walk down memory lane because of the start of little league world series! Covino and Rich go back and forth with how as grown men we can’t go watch little league alone because its creepy. Overall it’s fascinating because these kids are elite, you have to get through many major states and rounds to get to the world series. Most guys played little league, but not all…what did you do on the weekends as a kid if you didn’t play sports, Spots? The sports conversation takes a turn towards the shift in sports and basketball culture happening when black guys took over in sports, plus the swag and lifestyle brands. The      influence of the fab 5 is a good example.
  • Life is very precious, let’s talk about it! We are always waiting for things to happen without living in the moment and letting life happen. We don’t appreciate it the “now” and while we could be so excited for something to happen, once it does we move on quickly, that’s why it’s valuable to practice mindfulness and gratitude living in the moment.
  • Time flies and so does technology, the advancements of things like watches, now its all in one. Everything that was once in a radio shack is now in our pockets. And it’s weird how each decision can change your life, this leads the guys to highlight Spot, the path that Spot took lead him back to his wife, but if not taken the job on the show he probably wouldn’t be with her.
  • What would Covino name his kid with Jordyn? He rolls off the potential list: Hudson, Damien, Rett, Nash, Dawson etc.
  • Covino spoke to his brother Tommy and he’s still dealing with the struggles of millennial dating, double texting is seen as uncool – a lot of games as a millennial.