Covino & Rich— Thursday 10\10\19

Show Topics:

  • Rich talked to his dad, papa Greg last night who thought the drama between Spot and his wife’s social media fingers was the most interesting thing yet! We all thought that Spot’s day would go very sour following the show topic, Rich even stopped by to find him cleaning the house as a kind gesture … but we were all wrong.
  • Spot had angry passionate sex with his wife, and it seem like that smoothed things over. Speaking of sex, the sex your parents had to conceive you really shows, if you’re a lazy goober…well, the sex most likely was lazy.
  • Adam DeVine was great yesterday, but he visited Jeff Lewis Live after our show and Jeff tried to stir the pot and Adam had our “dude-bro” backs. Jeff loves this weird rivalry that he tries to create with us, and it only sends his demo to our show… we think he’s so mean to us because it’s a sign of love.
  • WAIT! Spot’s wife is back on social media replying to CARLS about how the sex was, and she labels it as “Hate F*$king” …woah, let’s unpack this.
  • Rich once again attempts to talk Covino into watching “This Is Us” and he’s not having it. We talk emotions and why some people don’t cry. Our buddy Greg T from the Elvis Duran show was crying as he’s leaving the show and we understand those tears, Greg even calls in to explain the reasoning behind the tears and how time flies.
  • It wouldn’t be a good day without a disagreement between the guys. Covino said he’d go to game with Rich weeks ago and now that it’s here he changed his mind, and he believes his initial yes wasn’t a confirmation and Rich feels led on. Momma Covino even called Archie to deliver the message that Covino is full of “doggie boo boo.”