Covino & Rich— Monday 8\3\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:05 AM One bad decision can impact your life forever. Former NFL player, Alex Smith almost lost his leg and his life…Former NFL player, Drew Bledsoe could’ve won a bunch of Super Bowls if he hadn’t gotten injured and Tom Brady didn’t take his spot. There’s always someone out there who’s better at your job…Don’t call in sick but don’t live in fear.
  • :23 AM New York Mets’ player, Yoenis Cespedes went missing before the Mets’ game against the Braves….He unexpectedly opted out the 2020 season for ‘Covid-related reasons.’ 
  • :43 AM Last night Rich was looking back at old photos and videos and started to feel bummed by all the memories from February and March. Remember when we thought the pandemic was only going to be two weeks? Kids are going to have such an interesting perspective from this year. 
  • :01 AM Everyone was on the edge of their seat Saturday after Trump threatened to shut down TikTok. Covino said TikTok is a breeding ground for creeps. It’s horrifying seeing young girls wearing provocative clothing and doing inappropriate  dances on TikTok…What parent allows their kids to do this?


  • :35 AM What did you watch over the weekend? Rich watched ‘The Other Guys’ and Covino watched the documentary, ‘The Power of Greyskull’ the story of He-Man. Rich was on a Dave Chappelle mission Saturday night.
  • :43 AM Guy got back at an ex by placing posters on telephone polls saying, “Call and leave a voicemail with your best Chewbacca impersonation and you will win $100.” Have you ever pulled off a devious prank on a friend? 
  • :51 AM Rich said there’s nothing like a Texas thunderstorm and good corn on the cob. 


  • :23 AM Rich makes a clear distinction between yellow corn and sweet corn. Keith Hernandez didn’t know what a PB&J was!…The only thing that the Mets’ have that’s good is their broadcast team. 
  • :35 Rich saw a post from one of his friends on Facebook talking about their terrible and abusive divorce. People who overshare their life on social media are overwhelming.
  • :42 AM We talked about the problem with systematic wealth. Generational wealth plays a major factor into how some people approach life….We live in the land of opportunity and If you’re a hard-working person you will succeed in your goals.