Covino & Rich— Monday 6\15\20

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  • 8:05 AM  Spot is off today! He always finds hidden gems when he goes on trips and when he hits the trails there’s a good chance people thinks he’s Bigfoot.
  • :18 AM  ‘Long Gone Summer’: Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa documentary about the 1998 home run race. The film reveals the controversial issue regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs.
  • :25 AM For decades people called men’s white tank-tops, “wife beaters.”
  • :46 AM Video of woman in New York City bagel shop shows her aggressively cough on a group of people after being told to put on a mask. There’s nothing worse than personal cancel culture.
  • :53 AM  Rich is starting to feel like he’s getting older so he’s thinking about trying steroids because it keeps your body looking younger.


  • :11 AM  Gary Owen and Kyle Dunnigan did a spoof on the trending “I take responsibility” video. 
  • :18 AM Legit news sources are telling us different things regarding the Coronavirus. Also, people are saying that anyone who says “All lives matter” should say “Happy Holidays.” 
  • :29 AM Covino watched a Jo Koy variety special and Rich watched Taylor Tomlinson’s stand-up comedy special. Dave Chappelle’s 8:46 on YouTube gives his take on the current state of our world. 
  • :41 AM  Nascar says no more to the Confederate flag. The Confederacy only lasted five years so stop pretending it’s pride. Everyone has their own set of beliefs but just be a better person. 
  • :56 AM Covino’s Mexican word of the day is, “Gladiator.” 


  • : 10 AM Rich finds it annoying when listeners say both him and Covino have an “agenda.” Also, someone needs to take Twitter away from Trump.
  • : 20 AM Friend in Need (Relationships): “Cooper” cheated through text messages and SnapChat on his wife with her best friend. Can the relationship be saved? Yes because it’s all about forgiveness. Trust can grow.