Covino & Rich— Monday 12\2\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:04 AM Welcome back Spot, how was your trip?
  • :09 AM Covino’s black Friday deal was a Roomba. Rich won’t buy Sara a Kitchen Aide, which makes no sense!
  • :11 AM Rich most likely has pneumonia. Rich also has “senioritis” in his apartment as he’s looking for houses.
  • :25 AM What did your thanksgiving consist of?
  • :38 AM What will be the meme or the year?
  • :42 AM Rich loved “The Irishman,” but Covino hated it! Here’s why …
  • :53 AM Jimmy Fallon in the thanksgiving day parade and the best thing all weekend was a woman in bush.


  • 9:12 AM Ohio State vs Michigan game dish, while Rich thinks Ohio should win the nationals
  • Jeff Goldblum makes us feel all tingly inside and we’re envious of Dennis Quaid’s body and his girlfriend.
  • :21 AM Movies that made us – Home Alone and Die Hard
  • :30 AM What defines being depressed?
  • :36 AM Covino is finally on board with Rich’s discovery from years ago, shaving the butt! Jordyn caught a glimpse and thought it was gross, so today’s the day… Archie Nair’s …


  • :11 AM Covino ruined his wool sweater as he tried to shirk it
  • :15 AM With Rich’s child on the way and Covino possibility being a dad in the future, how will the balance with work go..
  • :20 AM Rich tagged along for a date night although he was sick over the weekend to the weirdest show, the Trans Siberian Orchestra
  • :40 AM Tonight’s Monday Night Football
  • :50 AM Did trump have an orgasm on stage?