Covino & Rich— Monday 1\4\21

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  • 8:05 AM Our take on boxing over the weekend – If a guy weighs less than the girl you’ve hooked up with, he is too skinny… all because of Ryan Garcia.
  • :13 AM This past weekend in football… Eagles’ Nate Sudfeld inexplicably subs in for Jalen Hurts and Twitter can’t believe how bad he is… Alex Smith is back to take his team to the playoffs… Rams’ Leonard Floyd Earns $1.25M Contract Incentive After Sack vs. Cardinals etc.
  • :37 AM Covino goes into detail on his holiday break activities from Christmas to his week in Idaho. He and Jordyn took her loner car across country, they hit the slopes, he got the best hospitality from Jordyn and her family and then he experienced the Idaho potato drop.


  • :49 AM Ran Dumb News – Twisted Tea goes viral in a smackdown video at a gas station; Rich on what he recently watched: Flight Attendant, Minimalist
  • :00 AM Why do we keep excess items? Rich gets very passionate about condensing clutter.  
  • :22 AM Spot details the proper way to poop at your in laws and Covino shares his awkward story from the Idaho trip.
  • :25 AM Sara calls to share a story about Rich… how he blurted out that he never went to a strip club in 2020, as if he was proud of himself. Sara isn’t having it!


  • :46 AM Barstool Sports founder raises over $16M for small businesses impacted by coronavirus pandemic.
  • :50 AM CNR are working with a new guy about a new project and Covino opts out of the shared google doc for collaborative brainstorming… is he stubborn and old because of this?