Covino & Rich— Friday 9\27\19

Show Topics:

  • Google is the answer to all of our problems. Don’t you hate when someone ask you something when they could of used that energy for Google?
  • Questions that seem stupid to us really prove that people don’t pay that close attention. Questions like what time does our show starts, is Archie black? Etc.
  • Keto Covino is a whole mood, but it’s not the best for eternity.
  • What are your fitness goals? Rich likes to gage his body by looking back at the TV show, and he’s starting to really want to change things up, but that includes no Taco Bell runs…but where is this coming from? Oh right, the 40th birthday is coming up. Mid-Life Crisis?
  • The half-time show 2020 will be steamy with JLO and Shakira, we aren’t mad at all.
  • What celebrity guy do you think you’d be great friends with? Like a guy crush, but not.
  • Greg T from the Elvis Duran show is leaving and this is major; the show is one of the biggest, the co-host started as interns etc.…do you leave something so big to pursue your own?
  • The Roadtrip is officially here, let’s get hype!