Covino & Rich Show Recap— Friday 6-14-19

Covino & Rich— Friday, 6/14/19

Show Topics:

  • Game 6 of the NBA playoffs was last night. The Toronto Raptors beat the GS Warriors for the NBA finals.  Although they beat the back to back champs, they won with key players injured like KD and Klay. Although this is the case, Raptors played great and deserve the Win.
  • Covino was getting fro-yo with his daughter Melody. Someone in the parking lot approached him saying he can fix the dent on his car for the low. When Covino got an estimate the shop they said it would be around $850 and that included the ‘cool guy discount.’ The car guy pushes this on Covino and says he can finish the job by the time he’s done getting ice cream and it would be around $180.  Covino and his daughter go inside the store and Melody is adamant that this is a scam and to not give the guy money. Long story short, the dent was removed but there was wax all over the car so he couldn’t tell if it was fixed or not. Several listeners believe Covino was scammed, we will soon find out!
  • Recently b-roll of players walking in to stadiums have been trending. This is big in the NBA and now soccer, but there’s so much video of players walking in pre-game in their headphones, sunglasses and swag super focused for the game to start.
  • House panel passes a bill that helps take care of the 9/11 responders. When John Stewart proposed this bill he was extremely emotional about it. This is a bill everyone should agree with.
  • Nick Van Exel, former NBA player, took to Twitter that he just tried iced coffee and that it’s his new favorite drink. This has sparked an ice coffee debate, if iced coffee a rich person drink and when exactly when was it invented?