Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 7-8-19

Covino & Rich— Monday, 7/8/19

Show Topics:

  • Covino and Rich is back from a long four day Fourth of July weekend! There were two big earthquakes in Southern California. On Thursday a 6.4 hit and the next day was a 7.1.
  • For the Fourth of July weekend, Covino went to Idaho to visit Jordyn’s family. He absolutely hated the drive even though he barley drove. Covino had a great time in Idaho with his “in-laws.” He doesn’t feel like he fits in but they didn’t make him do anything uncomfortable. He went to the lake with Jordyn’s dad and had deep talks with her mom.
  • Rich had a great time in Texas and loves the lake life with the in-laws. He also caught the Masvidal vs Askren UFC fight as a friend’s house. Tons of listeners posted their own creation of the “Dickie Doodle Dandies.” Rich posted a nicely edited video of the process of making his special strawberry filled Jell-O shots but got shit on because they were TWO DAYS LATE. He made them on the 6th of July and the patriotism is out the window by then. Rich shared that the Dicky D’s were a huge hit and Sara even called to back him up, “he made them on the perfect day and everyone loved them so suck it.”
  • In sports news, UFC fighter Askren talked a lot of shit about Masvidals’ race, culture, manhood and more. Masvidal knocked him out in 5 seconds!! In his post interview he said he doesn’t regret anything and if he sees Askren in Whole Foods he would beat him up. The women’s US National team won the World Cup against the Netherlands. In basketball, Kahwi Leonard signs to the Clippers.
  • Everyone has a special place that they cherish and take pride in showing people. Spot’s place is in Upstate New York where he took the boys to a little “gaycation.” Rich and Covino teased him about but he has the best time at his little lake spot. Rich’s spot is the lake in Texas. He would love to show the guys around and have them experience floating down the river and doing the tube shoot slide.